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Sneaker Shields GEN-X Universal

Sneaker Shields GEN-X Universal

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Crease Preventer

The new Gen-X Universal works with all style sneakers, especially Jordans
These new Shields™ are made from our secret formula of soft plastic and designed to last you years of enjoyment!

Offering a new design for Maximum Comfort & our new “Crack Resistant” Technology, this Wearable Shoe Tree™ is the perfect choice for everyday wear.

You will love the way your kicks stay Crease Free.



Can Sneaker Shields work on more than just sneakers?

Yes! We have designed our Sneaker Shields to be compatible with not only the top performing sneakers on the market, but also with dress shoes. Trimming your Sneaker Shields allows you to easily slip them into any kind of sneaker or dress shoe.

How long do Sneaker Shields last?

Sneaker Shields can last up to 2-6 years depending on usage. Of course, everyday wear and tear can cause the durability to go down. 


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